Caroline has worked at Breast Cancer Care on several contracts. During her time here she was responsible for liaising with people affected by breast cancer, which requires a high level of sensitivity and care, and for increasing awareness of key issues like our Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day and Moving Forward services. I would recommend Caroline without hesitation - she is fantastic to work with and her dynamism and dedication would be an asset to any organisation.

~ Emily Snelling, Press & PR Manager, Breast Cancer Care

My first choice when looking to appoint a deputy editor on AGA Living magazine, Caroline is articulate with excellent communication skills, an intelligent and informed writer and utterly professional. She is diligent, hard-working and combines that rare thing of being both self-motivated and able to perform as a team member.

~ Sally-ann Bloomer, Managing Editor, Bee3 Publishing

Caroline has the rare ability to step inside the shoes of both client and journalist and, through her commercial awareness, pragmatic approach and excellent writing skills, deliver exactly what both parties want and need. Her work rate is phenomenal yet the quality never dips; she manages to write authoritatively on a diverse range of topics and turn out polished, concise, engaging copy every time.

~ Victoria Usher, Managing Director, GingerMay Marketing & PR